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Minute for Autism segments are being sponsored by...

Partners in Autism is a family-owned, family-focused local business created to meet the needs of individuals and families living with autism. We provide multiple autism-related services spanning from childhood into adulthood including: Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA Therapy), a transitional classroom, social groups, parent trainings, and employment services for adults. We proudly sponsor A Minute for Autism, and support Radio for a Cause, because we believe that individuals with autism should be supported in pursuing their passions, and that educating the community is the first step to inclusion.

Visit Partners in Autism 

A Minute for Autism Episodes

Sensory Room at Jackson R. Lehman YMCA

To find a branch near you, visit

Partners in Autism

Meet the Members of the Asperger's Support Group

Group meets every 2nd Monday of the Month / Extended Interviews

CASS housing

Would you like to be featured on A Minute for Autism

E-mail us or give us a call

The main focus of A Minute for Autism is to use mainstream to educate our community about Autism. We also love to put a focus on local events happening in our area of northeast Indiana. If you have an event you'd like to get out, we'd love to interview you!

A Minute for Autism


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